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IT infrastructure & Low current solutions:

In a world where technology is evolving in a very high rate, network has become indispensable and has taken a new level of importance as the bridge connecting people to each other from all over the world. Despite the size of the organization, its efficient running relies a lot upon the presence of proper networking system where both employers and employees are able to access data easily at the click of a button. As competition level is rising between companies, networking systems have become a crucial asset for organizations to attain success in the global market. In order for network infrastructure services to be stable and well established, it’s vital to use professional and experienced network infrastructure service providers.
Qbrands is the first choice for reliable solution provider regarding network infrastructure. It works on installing network solutions that are smooth, simple, and easy to operate and help enhance the productivity and profits of an organization.
Our areas of specialization includes: telecommunication infrastructure planning, equipment supply, installation, maintenance and other infrastructure work. The services provided are the following:

  • Planning and finding the perfect solution of network infrastructure by using high quality and unique products which may be copper or fiber optics.
  • Providing complete design and products needed for datacenters using energy efficient systems, cooling and power.
  • Choosing and providing the most suitable UPS for every solution for more efficient systems.
  • Providing CCTV Solutions that perfectly suit your needs.

Qbrands aims to be the best and most reliable provider for network passive products in terms of quality. To achieve this goal, Qbrands has been working with some international large companies such as R&M, Legrand, Avayo, Conteg, Estap & Cavi Europack.


R&M is one of the leading providers of pas-sive cabling solutions for high quality communication networks. R&M datacenter solutions provide you with the security, reliability and flexibility you need in oper-ations and help you carry out your future plans.

Our main products ranges between copper and fiber cables to the smallest accessory you may need in your system.

In addition, where the space is crucial in datacenters, R&M provides modular solutions for mixing between copper and fiber so that having high density solutions without any compromises

We cannot forget the high packing density and design, the MPO/MTP connector that is the choice for 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet high-performance applications. All these flexible and efficient solutions can build up to make an Automated Infrastructure Management where R&MinteliPhy Monitor and R&MinteliPhy Manage are the two pillars which will open a new era for network managers.
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Legrand is a world leader in the manufacture of electrical equipment, is now offering its new range of UPS that is suitable for all applications with solutions providing the best performance levels in terms of power and backup time. Legrand UPS are ideal for all your requirements. This complete backup power solution secures the performance and reduces the down time of any telecom system and can be used for any business or private systems.
This system is equipped with a complete range of telecommunication devices and accessories for managing, configuring and controlling the power system remotely.


Avayo provides data communication rack systems with indoor and outdoor cabinets both in wall mount and floor standing server cabinets. Avayo fulfills any requirement in this segment even with custom built solutions. In addition, Avayo offer various range of cable management solution including low floor level with 35mm to high floor level of 1500mm Raised Floor.


Conteg is one of the biggest producers of IT and industrial racks, and data center solutions in EMEA. In our product portfolio, you can find telecommunication, data, industrial and outdoor racks; complete solutions for data centers including systems of precision cooling, intelligent power distribution, monitoring systems and cable management systems.

Cavi Europack

Cavi Europack is a modern medium-sized company located in the North East of Italy. Cavi Europack’s production is carried out inside its Italian factories and quality is guaranteed by the characteristics of raw materials. The coaxial and satellite cables produced by Cavi Europack are appreciated all over the world and characterized by the family brand CabLink

Main Projects in Lebanon

Below is a small reference of our projects in all regions of Lebanon:

Carrefour - Beirut Terrace - Vox Cinema - LAU - Fransa Bank - Emirates Bank - Tower Plus - Bankers Insurance - Fattal Offices - Ministry of Justice - General Security - Khatib & Alami Offices - Adams Cadbury - Bank MED Datacenter - Le Mall - Arope Insurance - Sultanete Oman Embassy - Qatar Embassy - Volvo Showroom - FDC Warehouse & Offices - ABC Verdun - B11

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