ABC Verdun

ABC Verdun

Shopping Mall with High-Speed Network.

14 Dec, 2018


The new shopping mall of the ABC Group in the heart of Beirut is captivating with its unique fashion boutiques, caf├ęs, entertainment and a high-speed network.

The ABC Group chose Q BRANDS Sàrl as project partner and R&M as cabling supplier. The decisive factors were R&M’s customer friendliness and good reputation, the quality of its products, its sophisticated service offering and its 25-year system warranty.

The partners used Cat. 7 S/FTP cables with Cat. 6A outlets for networking the stores. The surveillance cameras are connected via high-quality Cat. 6 cables. The copper cabling is connected to a fiber optic backbone based on OM3 fiber optic cables.

For the fiber optic installation, the partners used field-assembled FO field connectors from R&M. This made it possible to establish the connections in less than a minute, which significantly reduced installation time.

Please take some time and check the below link for the Success Story Article of ABC Verdun written by R&M

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